Day 11 of avoiding Christmas scams – Fake COVID-19 fines

And so here we are again. Welcome to National Lockdown part 3. Nobody wants to be here but we all have to play our part to ensure that one day, hopefully in the not too distant future, we can return to some kind of normality.

When Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the latest measures being put in place to try to stop the accelerating spread of the COVID-19 virus, he once again said that people should stay at home, only leaving for a small number of reasons, similar to the restrictions placed on us earlier in the year.

Back then text messages started to be received informing the recipients that they had transgressed the rules on leaving the house and would face a fine. The messages contained a URL that appeared to be genuine – is the website for all Governmental matters, but the URL didn’t take you to the genuine website, rather one that had been made to look like the genuine one.

By suggesting the fines were small amounts, people, in theory, would be more likely to pay them, assuming they had indeed breached the regulations. Thousands of these texts were sent and I would imagine more than a handful of people were duped into paying the fine.

Now with lockdown part 3 in place you can be assured these texts will start to be received far and wide.

If you do receive one of these the only thing you should do it delete it straight away.

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