Day 7 of avoiding Christmas scams – Tax Refund scams

“In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes” was a famous quote from one of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America, Benjamin Franklin. And whilst none of us will ever be heard uttering the phrase “I don’t pay enough tax”, we often will say that we think we are paying too much tax.

The bad news is that fraudsters know that too and will target their nefarious campaigns on that matter, offering tax rebates to everyone who will read their email. This isn’t a new issue but the phishing attempts have become more sophisticated as the years have passed. We all want to believe that the Government is benevolent and that in such tough economic times they are looking out for us all.

Sit down as I have some bad news to share.

You almost certainly haven’t got a tax refund, or at least not one for thousands of pounds. And if you are owned any cash, HMRC won’t be emailing you in this way.

If you honestly think you are owned this amount of tax then I would suggest employing the services of a reputable accountant who can relatively quickly ascertain if you are due a refund.

Two of the twelve deadly sins are greed and avarice – the fraudsters are trying to hit those buttons with such messages, hoping that you will click on the link and either stealthy download malware onto your machine or give away personal and financial information that they can use for their own financial gain.

There’s a whole host of grammatical and spelling mistakes that should raise flags if you do think the government does owe you big time.

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