Setting a compelling example for the new gTLD horizon

Last year when the mega-merger between Computer Sciences Corp (CSC) and Hewlett-Packard Enterprises was announced, a few people speculated about what the new organisation would be called. CSCHPE doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue and with neither prepared to lose their globally recognised names at the expense of the other, a new name was the first task for the marketing teams to decide upon.

In February it was announced the new organisation was to be called DXC Technology, although there was no background on what DXC actually stood for. However, the new organisation had already got its house in order with regard to the critical digital assets having acquired discreetly in the last week of January through MarkMonitor having been listed for sale on Uniregistry. On or around the same time, the company also registered

So what came first? The name or the domain? It seems quite fortuitous that the keyword match company name was available to buy on the secondary market rather than it being a private acquisition. Likewise, Donuts, the registry behind .Technology have a lot of their three character TLDs registered already. Unfortunately the name was registered back in December to an individual in China – whether that was based on pure speculation or rumour is unknown but I’m sure he could be a better off domain owner very soon.

The great news for the new gTLD industry though is that the company have decided that the exact match company name will also be the primary domain name – Most organisations would have gone with the .com name as the primary, especially as many CTO’s still have concerns over the compatibility of new gTLDs being used as MX addresses (interestingly DXC are using for email), but the adopt of a new gTLD for a major, primary URL with the .com forwarding to it, is a big stamp of approval for the new gTLD programme.

I would imagine the organisation will be on the first in the queue for the DotBrand second round once it opens in the next years with an application for .DXC but for now the is gaining traction, currently ranking 62,350th according to Alexa – in context as to how far up the rankings it could go is ranked 3,138th and 23,984th. It would be good to see a new gTLD that’s being used by. Major brand high up in the rankings rather than some of the more dubious ones there today.

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