Scam of the week – DVLA refunds

This week’s scam appeared in our email accounts from the DVLA, if you were to believe the sender details. Apparently we had a refund of £109.29 due from an overpayment (it didn’t say of what though) and they required some details from us before payment could be released.  
The relatively clever part here is that they state refunds take between 4 – 6 weeks and we shouldn’t contact them until the 6 weeks have elapsed. So if you were to fall for the scam then the criminals have a good six weeks to cause potential havoc with your personal and financial details before you may realise something was amiss.

The DVLA have implemented the paperless car tax payment system for two years now and with almost 26 million licensed vehicles on our roads in the United Kingdom and do communicate with registered users through email. The email itself uses the same font and colour scheme as the official DVLA emails and with so many cars bought and sold each month it is more than possible that consumers may well have overpaid road tax in the past few months.

The email comes from either a spoofed or sub-domain of the URL, which is owned by the Italian online media company.  The url within the email, hidden behind the “Get Started” link goes to a hidden folder on the website belonging to a building inspection services company in a small town in Ohio who have owned their domain name for over 11 years, pointing towards a website hack with a file uploaded to either install malware on a user’s machine or a simple file that logs personal information. We have contacted the company to make them aware of the issue. I doubt either company know anything of the issues.

If you do receive an email from the DVLA and are unsure of its authenticity then call them on 0300 790 6802 or report any suspicious emails to

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