Tequilla gTLD Sunrise

“Take another shot of courage
Wonder why the right words never come
You just get numb
It’s another tequila sunrise.”

Tequilla Sunrise – The Eagles

After several months and 39 completed TLD Sunrise Periods, there are 4,008 domain sunrise registrations, for an average of 115 domains per TLD Sunrise (as of last week). This is a slow start. But what is the trend? If these trends hold up, what does it mean?

New Picture (57)The strongest results was during the first batch of Sunrise periods that ended on January 25. But then the rolling average immediately drops for the next two batches of Donut TLDs. The trend curve then bottoms out at 104 per TLD before rising up to 115. By any measure, the rolling average of 115 Sunrise domains per TLD falls far short of what many new Registries included in their revenue forecasts.

Registries may have relied on past Sunrise Periods to develop their revenue forecast. Consider these statistics from the past decade:

.xxx sunrise: 80,000 blocks (2011)
.co sunrise: 11,000 domains (2010)
.asia sunrise: 32,000 domains (2008)
.mobi sunrise: 15,000 domains (2006)
.eu sunrise: 140,000 domains (2006)
.biz IP claims: 80,000 (2001)

So is the whole market “over egging the pudding”? Or is the world on the brink of going gTLD crazy? You choose….

Thanks to nTLDstats.com for the image.


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