Email addiction: a few interesting facts

I think we can all agree email has taken over our lives, both socially and at work. I particularly like the stat that “57% of people spend half their working day on email”: I’d wager that for many that number is much higher. In fact, some people might as well change their job role to “Reader of Emails” because that is all we seem do these days. “Have you seen my email” people will ask? No, because guess what I turned it off do something more productive instead. Can’t wait to see what is in those inboxes when I open my various accounts again: that guy from accounts and that ever so familiar deal on personal training sessions. Delete, delete, delete. At least, email software designers are hearing the message loud and clear with apps such as Mailbox or Gmail’s new announced tabs layout (which I have and it is a good step). Now it is much easier to hide email, but surely the real fundamental problem is not how to receive and organize email, the amount of the stuff that is sent?

(Courtesy of Sample Emails)


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