The New World Internet Order

Unless you have been living under a stone, or on Mars, or indeed a under a stone on Mars, you will know all about ICANN’s immovable object: its Japanese supertanker, its grand master plan to unleash a new world internet order upon the denizens of planet interweb, from a hidden lair somewhere upon a mountain top in the Swiss alps. Yes, I refer to its New gTLD program. Actually, before someones tweets us on our inaccuracy with regards to ICANN’s HQ – they do not occupy a Blofeld-esqe mountain retreat – but if you were going to correct us with their Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey address, well you’re a little off too, as they just moved to this rather flash building about 3 miles east in L.A.

If you really have been living under a stone, then revisit the sheer electric excitement of the Reveal day here or check out an alternative view, with a genuine disappointment at the lack of 2001: A Space Odyssey theme here .

Anyway, despite the stumbling, the Keystone-Cops-like TAS system handling (humiliating said DomainIncite), the loading of years of work and money on  a lottery like Digital Archery batching system (to be debated in a few moments at ICANN’s Prague meeting) this is going ahead. And what will this New World Internet order look like? Perhaps like the below.

(courtesy of ARI Services)

My own personal favourite new gTLD anomaly? All of the major US sports, with their familiar 3 letter acronyms, applied for a new gTLD except the ice hockey league, the NHL. In other words be prepared to type .nba, .nfl, .mls and .mlb URLs some time soon, but not .nhl.

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