Nordic Football Clubs using Social Media is the go to place for stats on how football clubs are using Social Media.  Today they have published an excellent study on the state of Social Media in the Nordic football region.

“As most of European club football comes to a close this month, some areas of the continent are only just in the middle of their fixture list. In particular, the Nordic countries of Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland continue to fight it out whilst the weather isn’t so bad. With this in mind, this week we take a look at how Nordic Football Clubs are using Football Social Media to engage with their fans.

The Nordic nations are most certainly early adopters of new technology and social media. For example, the Swedish population presence in social media has massively grown in the past few years. The percentage of Internet users who visit social networks has grown from 10% to 62% over five years. The main factor for the surge in growth is down to access to computers, Internet and broadband.

The breakdown for how many of the different generations who visit social networks has shown that men aged 16-45 are the largest group. While the older generation, 46-75 years now growing the faster than any other demographic. So, with this in mind it’s no wonder that football has been one of the most popular topics on social media channels.”

Read the full report over at

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