Malicious attacks and Malware on the rise

Despite the good news about the drop in phishing attacks, the number of malicious attacks and malware threats continues to rise, as reported by Symantex in their annual report published this week. Some of the key stats were:-
  • Over 5.5 BILLION malware attacks were blocked by Symantec in 2011, and increase of 81%
  • There was over 4,500 new web-based attacks per day
  • 403 million new variants of malware were identified in 2011, a rise of 41% on 2010
  • Spam volume dropped by 13%

One interesting trend they found was that religious sites had more than triple the average number of threats per infected site than adult ones, an irony perhaps lost on the launch this week on a new “family-friendly” registrar

To view the online report, or to send to customers, please click here.

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