The stupid EU Cookie Law

In a month’s time the UK has to comply with the EU Cookie Law directive.  Quite why it is just the UK is a head-stratcher.  It appears than back in the day the EU decided to do something about privacy and personal data being stored by website owners.  So it made a directive.  In a council session it asked for “hands up who is going to adopt this”.  The Danes and the Estonians immediately shot their hands up…”Me, me, me” they said “We believe that everyone has the right to prevent their data being abused” said the Danes.  After all, this was the country that legalised pornography before anyone else and thus are the founding fathers of the second most popular social activity known to man (and woman).

Estonia on the other hand wanted to try and make sure those pesky Russians couldn’t snoop anymore so they agreed.  But the UK?  I can only assume that our representative thought it was a directive to make it law that we should all eat a certain amount of biscuits everyday.

Nobody else agreed to it so the law was passed, coming into effect on the 24th May 2011.  “Foul!” cried the UK “We weren’t ready”..and so for us Brits we were given a year’s grace, but no more.  So on the 24th May the law comes into force.

What is it all about?  Well I could write a few thousand words, but these chaps have summed it up in a belter of the 2 minute 47 seconds video.

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