Will Google + be the next Buzz (ing) Wave?

Come on own up here, who is actively using Google +?  Hmm, one at the back although based on his crossed leg pose that may be another cry for help.  I love my social media but I am still struggling to see what benefit using Google + will have on my life.  I use Twitter for my observations on life, Facebook to laugh at my friends and family’s misfortunes, Flickr to share my photos, Pinterest to share my love for Lewes FC, I Yammer to my hearts content at work and of course WordPress to share my thoughts and football match reports.  So where exactly is the space for Google +?

I used to be a Blackberry man.  I religiously defended the fact I used a Blackberry and listened to music on my iPod Classic.  “You are sooo old school” I would be told by my colleagues, all of whom sported their shiny iPhones.  Then one day when it was time for an upgrade I was given an offer I couldn’t refuse.  Now I can never go back.  I am an Apple man.  But Google?  Do I trust them with too much information already?

I tried to get involved with Buzz!  It was supposed to “bridge the gap between work and leisure” according to Google founder Sergey Brin.  To me it was just a mishmash of people sending me YouTube links and Google Chat requests.  Buzz lasted a little over 18 months before it was shut down.  People were already engorged on MSN and Facebook were stealing a march on the private messenger client so why re-create the wheel?  Why indeed.

Next up was Google Wave, which was simply another version of Buzz but with a different interface.  The concept here was that we could communicate in a series of bursts, or “waves” that allowed for greater collaberation.  Hmm, again MSN/Facebook seem to have this market sewn up.  In November 2011 Google announce that Wave, along with a few other applications, would no longer be developed.  It became the Vista of the search engine world.

So now we have Google +.  Early adoption signs were very promising.  In fact it blew Facebook’s stats out of the window.  10 million of us signed up for Google + in a little over 16 days, and within 100 days over 400 million worldwide users could be boasted.  Or could they?  In theory I am a user.  I have just checked my account and apparently I have 26 people in circles and 60 people have me in their circle – what does that actually mean?  I have 500+ Facebook friends and nearly 5,000 followers on Twitter so perhaps someone can explain what the heck I would gain by moving to Google +.

But I am a pioneer, an adventurer in technology.  So I will give it a go, adding a picture here, a funny video there and see what happens.  Darn, if you feel like it I will even add you to a circle.  I am sure someone, somewhere will appreciate it!


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