Google meta nudges its employee’s food choices

I love Google. Yes, I know those progressive web thinkers amongst us are supposed to be against their forward march into indexing our very thoughts, but I’m not one of them. I’m somewhat old fashioned: I truly reconcile (in my head) the fact they do amazing things for me in return for giving their machines lots of my data: clues about me: what I search for; what I listen to; what read about and so on.

Heck, I’d let them index my fridge if I could.

Then this morning on a local New York news channel, a fellow Google¬†evangelist newsreader told a story about how Google does their best to influence the diet of their staff. Meta nudging. I wouldn’t mind being meta nudged. Except it doesn’t mean what you were thinking – it relates to how much salad you eat – but hey, they’ll find out what you thought it meant. Now pass the indexed apple.

Read Cliff Kuang’s superb piece here.

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