Irish domain registrars in a tizz over .ie

If you ever had to register one of the more restrictive ccTLD domains with their local address requirements – a million miles from .com’s first-come-first-serve wild west – you might have been frustrated by the need to find copies of your company certificate or some other piece of not-so-easy-to-come-by info

On the other hand the rules are there for a reason, right? Or at least a reason that seems valid to the registry and its management: to protect the local legitimacy of the TLD. The German’s .de is very German focused and is that a bad thing? It sets the local web user mentality: a German expects a German site at and that is where they end up (via a redirect to another .de as it happens)

Well some Irish ISP’s are rather upset with what they see as onerous rules around the Irish .ie domain registration process and have stated making some noise about it, including a meeting in a Dublin hotel next week.

One suspects they would like to see liberalized rules making it easier to drive more volume; the registry might argue this would threaten the .ie space legitimacy and trust, trust that saw security giant McAfee label the “.ie domain among top five safest in the world”.

Silicon Republic has more here

Expect a lot more blarney on this topic in the coming months.

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